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Studio 2 Strip Cutter Starter Set (50352)

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  • DLB · 2/26/2017

    Wonderfully fast and accurate

    The Studio 2 cutter is amazingly easy and so fast. I have in the past spent hours cutting strips for a quilt and now with the Studio 2 cutter it literally "cuts" my time in more than half! It is simple to use upon delivery: just open the box, unfold, insert pan, insert chosen die with fabric, cover with cutting plastic and turn the handle! That's it- fabric is cut and you can start sewing. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to spend more time sewing and less time cutting- you don't have to be a quilt shop owner to appreciate the value of the Studio 2 cutter. One last note: if you have any arthritis issues in your hands(the reason I started looking at these products) the Studio 2 cutter is a dream. My hands used to hurt so bad after rotatary cutting all day, ( I even used padded bicycle gloves among other things when hand cutting) so having the Studio 2 cutter has really made an immediate impact to my quilting life.

  • Gail · 5/21/2016


    My friend sells go cutters and let me try this cutter. I used the 2 1/2" strip cutter and fell in love!

  • Sharon · 5/3/2016

    Happy with Purchase

    I have a small die cutter from another company but I wish I had purchased this one first. I'm just an individual, not a shop, but I love that this cutter does long strips and large blocks. I can also use the smaller Go dies with this cutter. If you have the space for this I think this is the best great for everything cutter.

  • Sandi · 2/17/2016

    Just purchased Studio 2

    I'm so excited, I just ordered my Studio 2 Strip Cutter Starter set. I used my friends Accuquilt cutter for the first time and knew I had to have it. I can hardly wait to get it.

  • LovesBigSwi · 7/17/2015

    Best Combo Possible

    This is the perfect combo to get you going -- love my Studio @ and these strip dies. Highly recommended!

  • Lani Rae · 3/26/2015

    Studio Cutter

    When it arrived I thought I would die of excitement!! It is large and heavy, so do make sure you can have a dedicated space for it. Watching the videos the one thing I questioned was does that handle really crank that easy? YUP it sure does, from one to ten layers, it cranks just as easy. LOVE IT!! I ordered from Canada, and forgot to consider the duty charges. The machine is worth it, but it was an additional $150 (approx) that I forgot to consider. Regardless I am thrilled with my purchase It is amazing and so easy to operate.

  • Karen · 2/26/2015

    Love the accuquilt studio

    I recently purchased the accuquilt studio and I love it! It is a very sturdy machine and very well built. It will last me forever! It makes cutting fabric so quick and easy and also very accurate. So happy I decided to get it.

  • Avon · 2/26/2015

    Just love it

    I love that I can cut.strips then carefully turn the strips and make squares!

  • Laura · 1/11/2015

    no more pre cuts- making my own

    I'm so excited to be able make my own jellyrolls! No more expensive pre cuts

  • James · 12/26/2014

    A really nice machine.

    I just recently purchased an Accuquilt Studio Cutter and strip cutting starter kit. I am very pleased with the quality of the product, and love how easy it is to use. It really speeds up the cutting of quilt elements.

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