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Learn About Proper Care of GO! Fabric Cutter & Dies

Proper Cutter & Die Care

Proper Care of your GO! Fabric Cutter & Dies

We promise your AccuQuilt GO!® Fabric Cutters and dies will be free from defects in material or workmanship when used as directed. Improper use, excessive wear and tear caused by commercial use and\or damage caused by the user will void the warranty.

Carry the GO! Fabric Cutter in a closed position when moving to a new location.

Tips to help maintain your AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter and dies:

  • For best results, use on a hard, clean surface so rubber feet can grip & hold cutter in place.
  • Make sure cutter lays on a flat surface. If not level, dies might not pass through properly.
  • If die should jam, it is a result of too many cutting layers. To remove, first attempt to roll the handle in the opposite direction. Gently work the die from under the rollers. Never force a die through.
  • The number of layers you can cut is determined by the thickness and type of fabric. Always start with fewer layers and build up.
  • Carry the GO! Fabric Cutter in a closed position when moving to a new location.
  • Use only approved GO! Fabric Cutter dies designed specifically for the GO! fabric cutters.
  • Never place anything--including extra mats, fabrics, or shims—under the dies when cutting.
  • Always use a cutting mat. Do not attempt to cut into the steel roller. Doing so will damage the dies and void the warranty.
  • Each AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter comes with a Die Pick that allows you to remove any threads that may become embedded between the blades and foam on your die boards. It is normal for threads to get caught where blades meet in a die. Keeping your dies free of threads will produce better cutting results.
  • Keep your quilting area neat and clutter-free with durable wire storage racks and carrying totes for both the GO! and Studio Fabric Cutters.

User Manuals

GO!® Fabric CutterUser’s Manual

GO!® Fabric Cutter
User’s Manual
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GO! Baby® Fabric Cutter User’s Manual

GO! Baby® Fabric Cutter
User’s Manual
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Reference Charts

GO! Fabric Reference Chart

GO! Fabric Reference Chart
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