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Get Started With Studio Fabric Cutter


Get Started With Studio Fabric Cutter

Get Started with the Studio Fabric Cutter

The Studio™ Fabric Cutter is a commercial-grade cutter specifically designed for quilt shops, fabric craft retailers and prolific home quilters.

  • Cuts accurate shapes up to 90% faster than rotary
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cuts up to 10 layers of fabric at a time
  • Dies cut into reusable sheets of cutting plastic that provide hundreds of uses
  • Hundreds of shapes to choose from: classic designs, circles, hexagons, flowers, strips, rag quilt shapes, quilt block sets and many more
  • Cuts all types of fabric: cotton, batiks, flannel, fleece, wool, denim and even leather
  • Dies never need sharpening

The Cutter includes:

  • Studio Die Tray - 15 1/4" x 19 5/8" (406900)
  • One Giant Cutting Plastic 14 1/2" x 18" (60005)
  • Die pick
  • 3/32" hex wrench
  • 5/32" hex wrench
  • Instruction label
  • User’s manual

Easy as 1-2-3 to use

  1. Lay die flat inside tray with FOAM SIDE UP. Place fabric on top of die. If desired, fan fold fabric to cut multiple layers. Check orientation of fabric for cutting non-symmetrical shapes. Place cutting plastic on top of fabric.
  2. Push die, tray and plastic until they contact roller. Turn handle in the direction you want die to go. If needed, continue pushing until roller grabs die. Roll die and tray through cutter.
  3. Remove cutting plastic and fabric. Occasionally, threads may need to be snipped where cutting blades meet on the die. Repeat process from opposite direction.

Tips About the Studio Fabric Cutter and Accessories

  • The Studio Fabric Cutter needs little to no maintenance. Just keep it free of dust and fabric threads.
  • Always use cutting plastic. Do no attempt to cut directly into the steel roller. Doing so will damage the die and void the die and machine's warranty.
  • Use the same size cutting plastic to match your die board. To extend life, alternate use of each side.
  • Store tray and cutting plastic flat.
  • Vary cutting position of die on tray to extend the life of the tray.

Tips About Fabric Cutting

  • The number of layers you can cut is determined by the thickness and type of fabric. Always start with fewer layers and build up. Often more layers will improve cutting performance.
  • Align fabric just over die blade (not to edge of die board) to conserve fabric.
  • On die boards with multiple images, layer fabric over just the shapes you need.
  • Apply fusible web to fabrics and die cut for fast appliqué.
  • For perfect half-square triangles, layer fabric on die right sides together, and then cut. Pick up one pair from the pile and sew.
  • Use fabric remnants and scraps to cut shapes.
  • For scrappy quilts, layer several different fabrics together.
  • Use Clear Cuts dies to fussy cut fabric motifs.

Recommended number fabric layers; actual number fabric layers will vary depending on fabric type and thickness.





Cotton with Fusible Web






















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Studio Fabric Cutter User's Manual

Studio Fabric Cutter User’s Manual
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Shop Studio Fabric Cutter Starter Set