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GO! Die Adapters

GO! Die Adapters

GO! Die Adapters for Studio

GO! Die Adapters for Studio enable you to use any GO! die with your Studio™ Fabric Cutter. So now Studio owners can take advantage of the entire AccuQuilt die collection, both Studio and GO! – more than 500 piecing and appliqué shapes.

The GO! Die Adapter for Studio Fabric Cutters come in two sizes. The smaller adapter is 10" x 12" and works with all regular-sized GO! dies. The smaller adapter fits in both sizes of Studio die trays.

The larger GO! Die Adapter for Studio Fabric Cutter is 10" x 24" and works with all GO! die sizes, including those sized 6" x 24" and 10" x 24", and it fits in the Studio Super Giant Tray.

AccuQuilt GO! dies used with the adapters should be paired with Studio Cutting Plastics rather than GO! Cutting Mats. When used in Studio Fabric Cutters, GO! dies cut the same numbers of fabric layers for quilting and fabric crafting that they cut in GO! Fabric Cutters—as many as six layers of 100% cotton fabric.

Because owners of Studio Fabric Cutters can use GO! dies to create quilts and fabric crafts, they also now can use GO! Embroidery Designs, digital designs made specifically to fit GO! appliqué dies.

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