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Our NEW Four Favorite GO! Dies

Hearing your ideas is like chatting with good quilt guild friends. That’s what makes our four newest GO! dies so special. They came from you! We here at AccuQuilt are proud to be part of an active community of quilters, fabric artists, and crafters. We relish the fact that you...
AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters

How to Choose an AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting Machine

Your Guide to Better Fabric Cutting Wondering what kind of cutter would be best for you? We can help you out. This article gives the lowdown on AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine options—from the specs to how to use them. Plus, you’ll get links to resources where you can learn more...

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

This previously released content was so popular with you, our valued readers, we’re releasing it again!   Nothing can take your attention away from your quilting faster than a recalcitrant and uncooperative machine. If all your attention is focused on getting the machine to behave properly, virtually none of your attention is...

New 10th Anniversary Appliqué Dies

Make these Fun Quilt Patterns with New 10th Anniversary Appliqué Dies: Quickly and Easily 2018 marks the 10th year that AccuQuilt began creating tools and free quilt patterns to help you Cut Time and Quilt More. We are so glad you welcomed us into your homes and quilting guilds. To...

7 Fabric Die Cutting Tips

The GO!, GO! Baby, and GO! Big fabric cutters will all cut up to 6 layers of a wide variety of fabrics at speeds 90% faster than rotary cutters. To get the most out of your cutter, follow the tips below. 1. Use good quality fabric to reduce fabric stretch...

Everyone Loves the GO! Qube

The GO! Qubes are creating a lot of buzz in the quilting world and our guest bloggers love them, too. We are confident you will find them just as amazing if you haven’t already purchased one. You won’t believe all the options you have to create stunning blocks, and the Qube...
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