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Quilting for Beginners – Pressing Matters

Proper Pressing Techniques Have you ever wondered why some quilts come out so beautifully? Why some seams are perfectly aligned, and all pieces match up, while others are puckered or just seem…off? Chances are it’s all in the pressing. AccuQuilt has some tips to help you, after you’ve cut all...

Sparkle and Shine Pattern: A Bed Pull for the Holidays!

Hello, GO! Getters! It’s Gina from Gem Hill Quilts. When the temperature starts to dip and stores start to sell Halloween candy, you just know that the holidays will be coming one after another. Before you know it, Christmas will be here! I seem to make at least one quilted...

Learn How to Be the Best at Making Quilt Stars

Quilt Stars for the Holidays The AccuQuilt GO!® Star-2", 3", 4" die is one of the first appliqué dies that I purchased. At the time, I did not have an embroidery machine and my quilt repertoire did not include raw edge appliqué. Those stars were cut so perfectly that I just had...

The Best Fusibles for your Fabric Cutting Machine

Guess No More! Here's are two of the best fusibles to use with the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutting Machine! Have you ever found yourself standing at the fabric store, eyes glazed, completely overwhelmed with the choices of fusible webs in front of you? I think we’ve all been there. How do you know...

How to Become a Color Theory Expert

What every quilter should know about basic color theory and fabric coordination Do you second-guess yourself when selecting fabrics? Unsure if the colors work together? Not anymore. AccuQuilt is covering the basics of color theory, and giving you the confidence to choose the perfect color combinations every time. Color plays...
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