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The Power of Hand Piecing a Quilt

AccuQuilt and the Quilt Hand Piecer There’s something uniquely therapeutic about hand piecing a quilt. Yet, while the love you put into your quilt knows no limits, neither, it seems, does the time. So, when you want to dedicate that time to your quiet passion of hand piecing, count on...

A Quilt Exhibit You Can’t Miss from Edyta Sitar!

AccuQuilt is Proud to Sponsor Edyta Sitar’s Quilt Exhibit: Regeneration  We’re proud to let you know about a special quilt exhibit that AccuQuilt is sponsoring. This exhibit from Edyta Sitar runs from July 11 to October 8, 2017. We invite you to visit the International Quilt Study Center at the...

How to Babysit a Grandma

One of our favorite quilters, the irreplaceable Eleanor Burns, is doing well and recovering nicely from her broken leg. She even has the greatest little helpers: her grandchildren Ellie, 9 and Jonas, 7. They got to make fun owl blocks while babysitting grandma. These two adorable kids sure look like they know their...

Shanghai Quilters – Part 2

Read A Quilter’s Trip to China Part 1 Here Shanghai Quilters, The Common Thread On our second excursion, our driver Mr. Goo was again patiently waiting at the entrance to the condo building, ready to transport Sandi and I to our next adventure. I rolled down the back seat window...

The Quilters Hall of Fame Honors Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi

The Quilters Hall of Fame (TQHF) will celebrate and honor the art and career of Dr. Carolyn L. Mazloomi in Marion, IN, on July 14-16, 2016. She joins other famous honorees such as Marie D. Webster (1991), Michael James (1993), Nancy Crow (1997), Eleanor Burns (2012), and many more honorees. Dr. Mazloomi...

Give the Gift of a Quilt Lifetime

First Quilter: “They say the one who dies with the most fabric wins.” Second Quilter: “You know you can’t take it with you, right?” First Quilter: “In that case, I don’t intend to go!” The revival that began during the 1970s has generated hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of...
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