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On a Scale of 1 to 10, These New Dies are a 10

AccuQuilt Announces GO! Qube Mix & Match 10″ Block and Companion Sets  Since we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary, we thought we’d GO! all out and present the GO! Qube™ Mix & Match 10″ Block plus two companion sets. With the addition of this convenient 10″ size, GO! Qube Sets now come in...

New GO! BOB Dies

Summertime and the Living’s Easy AccuQuilt presents three new Block on Board dies that make creating complete quilt blocks easy-breezy. This August is our third AccuQuilt GO! die release. These three new GO! Block on Board® (BOB®) dies take the guess-work out of quilt blocks. Each die has all the...

A New Way to Store 10 Years’ Worth of Dies

We know how it feels when you’re ready to start an exciting new project, but you don’t know exactly where you put everything you need. You might spend more time sifting through your sewing room than you do actually cutting your fabric. It can be frustrating. A large collection of...

Introducing 10 NEW Studio Dies!

Your Wait for Tasty New Studio Dies is Over! We’ve whipped up a scrumptious combination of 10 highly-requested Studio dies that will satisfy your hunger for new Studio 2 Fabric Cutter dies. This new die release includes four Studio Block on Board dies, three Studio DIY dies, a Studio Hexagon...
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