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Our NEW Four Favorite GO! Dies

Hearing your ideas is like chatting with good quilt guild friends. That’s what makes our four newest…read more

Meet Terri Vanden Bosch, Two-Time AccuQuilt Quilt Block Design Contest Winner

Meet Terri Vanden Bosch, runner-up winner in the 2017 AccuQuilt Quilt Block Design Contest, and AccuQuilt…read more

AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters
How to Choose an AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting Machine

Your Guide to Better Fabric Cutting
Wondering what kind of cutter would be best for you? We can help…read more

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

This previously released content was so popular with you, our valued readers, we’re releasing…read more

New 10th Anniversary Appliqué Dies

Make these Fun Quilt Patterns with New 10th Anniversary Appliqué Dies: Quickly and Easily
2018 marks…read more

What Everybody Ought to Know About Reed Johnson, Quilt Block Contest Grand Prize Winner

Have you seen Reed Johnson’s award-winning quilt, Purple Rose? He was the 2017 grand prize winner…read more

See How Easily You Can Make this Sweet On Point Table Topper

Hi everyone, it’s Bea from beaquilter.com I’m here to show you how to make this quick &…read more

7 Fabric Die Cutting Tips

The GO!, GO! Baby, and GO! Big fabric cutters will all cut up to 6 layers of a wide variety of fabrics…read more

A Simple Guide to Making the Appliqué Play Baby Quilt

Hi everyone, it is Connie with another fun AccuQuilt tutorial. Today I am sharing a precious little…read more

4 Ways to Store Your AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter

Now that you’ve fallen in love with your AccuQuilt fabric die cutter, you’ll want to keep it working…read more

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I was so pleased

A friend and I were doing up photo T-shirts and we were talking about Christmas projects and she was not looking forward to the hours of clipping on the rag quilts she had planned to make.  I immediately told her about the Accquilt GO and the Rag Squ… Read more

Linda M

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Sew & Tell The Quilts of AccuQuilt

If you are not a quilter when you join the AccuQuilt team, you soon might become one. AccuQuilt encourages every member of the team to try quilting as part of their orientation to their career.

Read more

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