If you are not a quilter when you join the AccuQuilt team, you soon might become one. AccuQuilt encourages every member of the team to try quilting as part of their orientation to their career. To the surprise of some and maybe not to others, they love the art form and continue to make quilts for their family and friends.

Why have the team quilt? AccuQuilt loves working with our customers. Our company purpose is to spread the joy of quilting by offering friendly and knowledgeable customer service, educational opportunities, facility tours, events and a line of quilting products that help customers make truly magical creations. To help support the team’s desire to make quilts and the company purpose, AccuQuilt encourages each employee to spend two hours a week in the Dream Studio. Many of the employees would love to spend more time than that in the studio.

Each quilt in this exhibit might not be award winning but are invaluable because of the story behind the quilt.

Each quilt is worthy of being showcased, whether it’s the first quilt, one made with love or just because. They are to be shared and enjoyed. This exhibit allows our employees to show their personal masterpieces and share their stories.


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