See How Easily You Can Make a Spider Web Table Runner

Spiderweb Mini Tablerunner

Hi everyone, it is Connie, Freemotion by the River, with another fun AccuQuilt® tutorial. Today I am sharing a beautiful batik mini table runner made with the new AccuQuilt GO!® Spider Web die.

Spider Web Table Runner
9″ x 26″


GO! Baby Fabric Cutter (55600)
GO! Fabric Cutter (55100S)
GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter (55500)


GO! Spider Web-6″ Finished (55482)
GO! 2 1/2″ Strip Cutter (55017)


  • ½ yard  cream fabric
  • ⅓ yard batik print
  • ½ yard tan batik
  • 10″ x 30″ batting
  • 10″ x 30″ backing


  • Place on fabric on die with wrong sides together.
  • Cream – Cut a 8½” by width of fabric strip – sub-cut 4 groups.
  • Print – Cut a 8½” by width of fabric strip – sub-cut 4 groups.
  • Tan – Cut a 8½” by width of fabric strip – sub-cut 4 groups.

Spiderweb table runner cutting pieces

The photos below show you the 4 sections of the Spider Web die.

Spiderweb tablerunner tutorial sections cut

Sew with a ¼” seam allowance and make sure the notches are all at the narrow point of the centerpiece as shown.

Spiderweb Mini Tablerunner

If you don’t do this your blocks will turn out wonky….ask me how I know.

Spiderweb Tablerunner tutorial

Continue by adding the sections.

Spiderweb tablerunner tutorial

  • Make 4 sections that are tan and white pieces.
  • Make 4 sections that have a tan center, white pieces and the print for the third piece.
  • Make 2 block sections that are the print and white pieces.

Arrange as shown below.

Spiderweb tutorial

You would normally match the notched sections together and stitch your blocks, but I decided to do this layout. Sew together following the diagram below.

Spiderweb tutorial

Add the last two sections to the ends of the mini table runner.

Spiderweb tutorial

Add your backing, a layer of batting and quilt as desired. Use the 2½” strip cutter die to cut your binding. Cut two strips.

Spiderweb tutorial

I hope you have enjoyed the Spider Web mini table runner tutorial!

Spiderweb tutorialSpiderweb tutorial

Take a closeup look at the completed project below.

Closeup of Spiderweb tablerunner

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