The Video Guy Does the Cutting! AccuQuilt

See what happens when Aaron Zavitz from Think Motion Video is challenged by Lynn Gibney to do the cutting in our latest AccuQuilt GO! Cutter video. See what he’s learned on the other side of the camera. A humorous look at cutting on the GO!

How to Clean Your GO! Cutting Die

Let Pam Heller of AccuQuilt show you how to clean your GO! Cutting Dies with our handy Die Pick. The Die Pick is an indispensable tool for any Accuquilt GO! Cutter owner. It’s small but mighty.

AccuQuilt GO! Valentine’s Day Apron Tutorial

Pam and Carolyn show you how to create this quick and easy Valentine’s Day apron. You’ll find the Festive Aprons pattern in the book, Quilting on the GO!, by Suzanne McNeill. With Suzanne’s easy sewing techniques and AccuQuilt’s fast and accurate applique fabric cutting, you’ll be able to make aprons...

AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter with Smoother Rolling Action

AccuQuilt is making the GO!® Fabric Cutter easier than ever to use. The new smoother rolling model uses the same GO! dies and accessories but now features an even easier cutting experience. New quilters will fall in love with the functionality of the GO! Fabric Cutter while veterans will enjoy...
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