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Custom Die FAQs

Custom Die FAQs

What is the process of requesting a free quote and getting a custom die made?
The first step is to request a free quote online. You will receive a price quote for your die within 1-2 business days. Providing more specific information will help to expedite your price quote. Once you approve the price quote you will receive a PDF of your die design with specific measurements. We will work with you to make sure the die is designed to your specifications. After you approve your design, it will typically take five business days to manufacture your die. Custom dies with acrylic bases take 10 business days to manufacture.

Can I order custom dies for both GO! and Studio Fabric Cutters?
Yes! AccuQuilt now offers custom GO! dies as well as custom Studio dies. Be sure to indicate which type of die you want when requesting your custom die quote.

What die cutting machines do AccuQuilt Studio dies work with?
AccuQuilt Studio dies work with AccuQuilt Studio Fabric Cutters and AccuCut GrandeMARK Multi-Craft Cutting Machines.

What die cutting machines do AccuQuilt GO! dies work with?
AccuQuilt GO! dies work with GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutters, GO! Fabric Cutters, GO! Baby Fabric Cutters and Studio Fabric Cutters (with the AccuQuilt GO! Die Adapters.)

What is the maximum size of your Studio custom dies?
Our standard Studio die board sizes are 5" x 6", 5" x 12", 5" x 15", 9 3/4" x 26", 10" x 12", 12" x 12", 10" x 15", 15" x 18" and 13 3/4" x 26".

What is the maximum size of your GO! custom dies?
Our standard GO! die board sizes are 6" x 6", 6" x 12", 5" x 10", 10" x 10", 6" x 24", 10" x 24" and 14" x 16".

What are the preferred file types for drawing submissions?
We accept PDFs, JPEGs, DXFs/DWGs, AI, EPS and PSD file formats. Measurements are required to provide a quote, so please provide width and height measurements for all shapes.

What is your return policy or guarantee for custom dies?
Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from AccuQuilt. We hope that your expectations will be exceeded by our quality and service. If you are not satisfied with your finished product, please follow the steps outlined below so we can resolve the situation. It is our policy that due to the personalized nature of our product, custom steel-rule dies and shipping charges are not returnable or refundable. However, if you are dissatisfied with your custom die(s), please contact Customer Service at 888.258.7913 within 10 business days of receiving your order. We will work with you to resolve the issue. If your order arrives damaged or with a manufacturing defect, we will gladly replace the damaged or defective item. It is your responsibility to review your order and confirm that it is correct before submitting it to us. Before ordering, a true-to-size design proof will be sent to confirm accuracy.

Where are AccuQuilt’s custom dies made?
Custom dies are manufactured at our facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

How much does a custom die cost?
The price of a custom die will vary based on the size of the board, number of shapes on the board and the complexity of the design.

What can I have made?
We can make custom dies for all of your quilting, and most of your sewing needs, as long as they fit on our custom size die boards.

Can I request seam allowances and corner notches added to my design?
Yes. When you are requesting your die, please let us know that you need seam allowances, and if you want notches or other sewing conveniences. We try to assist you but it is your responsibility to request these additions. If they are not on your proof, they will not be on your custom die.

Can you make me a custom die based on a pattern?
We can make generic quilt shapes that can be used with a specific pattern on a case-by-case basis. If the quilt shape is unique (i.e., a copyrighted design) we will not be able to make a die for you unless you provide permission from the pattern and/or copyright owner to do so.

Can you make me a Mickey Mouse or similar type of die?
No. We cannot make any dies from copyrighted images unless you provide written permission from the shape’s owner to do so.

If I have a custom die made, will AccuQuilt start making the die for the AccuQuilt standard line?
It is possible that a custom die similar to one you had made may appear in the AccuQuilt standard line, but we only bring out dies that have a lot of requests and interest from many parties.

If AccuQuilt comes out with the same die that I had made as a custom die, will I get royalties?
No. Geometric shapes, strip cutters and standard quilt patterns are requested by many individuals through suggestions and as custom dies. These basic shapes are considered to be in the public domain and cannot be owned by any one party.

I had a custom die made previously. Can I order it again?
You are welcome to order another die but understand that you still go through a very similar process as the first time, and that the time frame is still the same.

My friend had a custom die made. Can I order that same die?
If the custom die is not a unique shape, we can make the same die for you. If your friend had very specific unique shapes made, the friend will have to give us written permission that you can order that specific die.

Why do you request that we send everything via email?
It is easier for us to service you if you send us revisions and requests through email so that we can limit the number of errors. We have found that fewer revisions are needed when clients send us the details in email format. It makes the entire process more efficient and you will get your custom dies faster.

Why haven’t I received my quote?
If you have not received your quote within 2 business days, please send an email to for follow-up.

I received my proof. What do I do now?
You need to be able to print your proof out at 100% or full size. If you do not have a printer at home capable of printing at full size, we recommend taking your proof to a local copy shop and asking them to print it full scale. Look over all the measurements and check them against pattern pieces you already have. It is a good idea to also cut the proof up and use it as a pattern to cut out pieces, and make a test sample to see if it fits your needs. It’s important that you do not skip this step as we want your die to work for you.

I checked my proof but my custom die still isn’t right. What should I do?
It is your responsibility to make sure that the die fits your needs. Check the proof you agreed upon. If the die does not match the proof please contact us.

Do I have to use UPS shipping?
Yes. Currently we are only able to ship custom dies via UPS from our Lincoln, Nebraska facility.

Can I use PayPal to pay for my custom die?
No. At this time you cannot use PayPal to pay for custom die orders.

Can I use an promotional code discount for my custom die order?
Unless otherwise stated, promotional codes cannot be used on your custom die order.