Which AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter is Right for You?

In this quilting tutorial, Erica and Lynn discuss the questions you should ask yourself when deciding which AccuQuilt fabric cutter would be best for you. They then give you an overview of each of the four AccuQuilt fabric cutters: GO! Baby, GO!, GO! Big Electric & Studio 2, so you’ll know the similarities and differences between each cutter.

Fabric Cutter Video Transcript:

Fabric Cutter Video Transcript:

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Lynn Gibney: Hi I am Lynn.

Erica Bottger: I am Erica. And one of most frequently asked questions that we get here at

AccuQuilt is which fabric cutter is right for me? So, we are here today help you kind of

decide, make that decision, kind of compare the different models that we have and talk

about which one is going to be right for you.

Lynn Gibney: That’s right. And so, what we are going to start off with is just a couple of

questions that you need to ask yourself to really narrow down where you need to go.

Erica Bottger: Exactly.

Lynn Gibney: And the first question is what types of projects are you creating, are you

creating mostly appliqué, or piecing are you doing lot of weekend projects and fabric


Erica Bottger: Right home décor and how often you are making your project and how many

are you making say in a year’s time. If you are making two or three or maybe you are

making way more than that, maybe you are making a volume of quilts to share with your


Lynn Gibney: Right. If you could me making forty quilts a year or more.

Erica Bottger: That’s right.

Lynn Gibney: So then that would really determine about which cutter that we would guide

you towards. And another question that you can ask yourself is if, you have space limitation,

so, do you have a dedicated space for fabric cutter or do you need something that is more

portable or something that is more storable.

Erica Bottger: Well, lastly, is it important for you to be able to take that cutter with you to

different locations for cutting whether that’s a different home or possibly after retreats and

classes and things like that. So those are the questions that we like to ask when people call

us and ask which cutter is right for me?

Lynn Gibney: AccuQuilt has two lines of fabric cutters. The Go Family and then there is


Erica Bottger: That right. So but no matter which cutter is right for you and you decide on.

They are all going be 90% faster than other cutter methods through rotary cutter, scissors

whatever that might be. Also you are going to get those great, accurate cuts every time.

You will be able to cut multiple layers from six to ten layers at a time and they are all going

to be safe and easy for you to use. They are going to reduce some of that hand strain you

may be experiencing from some of those other cutting methods.

Lynn Gibney: Right or if you have got arthritis or some other physical challenge, then these

cutters will make all of them, will make it easier to for you to cut your fabric. So now let’s

take a look at the GO! Family. So, all three cutters in the GO! Family come as starter sets

and that mean they are in the box, each of them comes with a die, a mat and a great

pattern book. So, you can get started quilting right out of the box.

Erica Bottger: Absolutely. So, first model is going to be our GO! Baby and this is our

smallest, our lightest weight model, it’s great, if you like to work with small pieces, if you are

a beginning quilter or occasional quilter, it is also great if you like to focus on appliqué work

and it is super for fabric crafting as well. At eight pounds, it is super portable and lightest

weight and easiest to take along with you on the go.

Lynn Gibney: It’s also the most affordable.

Erica Bottger: It is, it is. And the next we are going to have our GO! Cutter Original Model.

Right Lynn?

Lynn Gibney: That’s right and the GO! Cutter is greater for all quilters all skill levels and all

of the GO! dies work with the GO! Cutter. It is a manual cutter so that you do turn the

handle to get the dies through. And if you do lot of strips or you would like use the larger die

boards, like this one right here and the GO! Cutter is a great choice. It is also 15 pounds, so

still very portable if you want to take it with you take it to a class, take to a retreat, it’s a

great cutter choice for you.

Erica Bottger: That’s right. And then our newest cutter is going to be our GO! Big Cutter.

Now while our GO! Baby and our GO! are both manual and you turn the handle to move

that die through the machine. This is an electric model. So this is a great thing if that

movement again, if the movement is an issue for you, the electric is great for you. Now, it

does have a bigger opening, so not only does it use all of our existing GO! dies, but it also

uses GO! Big dies, and Lynn show…

Lynn Gibney: We have it right here.

Erica Bottger: You got one here. It is wider than what will fit on our GO! Cutter and because

it’s wider we can also do another great thing, which is take two of our narrower dies, like this

one that six inches wide, and this a die that will fit obviously in our GO! Baby or GO! but you

could fit two at the time through our Go Big.

Lynn Gibney: So that’s a great benefit.

Erica Bottger: It really is and it really speeds up the process well and because it kind of

hands free, once it is pulling through, you will be getting your next project, your next die,

your fabric ready to go.

Lynn Gibney: Did you mention that it is 23 pounds?

Erica Bottger: It is, it is 23 pounds. So, all though it is heavier than other ones, it is still

movable and portable and you can still take it with you.

Lynn Gibney: Now let’s talk about the Studio line. The Studio 2 Cutter is our commercial

grade cutter. It is great for those of you that cut forty, fifty, sixty quilts a year.

Erica Bottger: That’s right.

Lynn Gibney: So, we tell shop owners that are cutting lots of shapes for kits, for classes, or

for retreats, and or very avid quilters.

Erica Bottger: Or non-profits that are cutting forty, fifty, sixty quilts a year to share with their

community or even more.

Lynn Gibney: Right. So, another difference here between the Studio Line and the GO!

Family of cutters is that, the Studio will cut Studio dies, the Studio 2 will cut studio dies,

which those are heavy duty dies that Erica is going to show you here.

Erica Bottger: I will get one over here.

Lynn Gibney: And, these dies, here you can see from the back, they are going to have

multiple shapes, these dies are built for production.

Erica Bottger: Right.

Lynn Gibney: You are cutting many, many, shapes up to ten layers at a time with fabric and

so it’s just your mass producing fabric shapes with the Studio Cutter.

Erica Bottger: Right.

Lynn Gibney: One of the other big things about the Studio 2, is that there is Go Die Adapter

available for it. So, then here you also have the whole family of GO! Dies available to you as

well the cutter in your Studio Cutter.

Erica Bottger: That’s right. So, very versatile.

Lynn Gibney: Lastly, you do need a dedicated space for the Studio 2 Cutter.

Erica Bottger: Right.

Lynn Gibney: Right. It does have this foldable base which is great, so allows you to have

more space to work but at 43 pounds, you are definitely not going to take it with you to a


Erica Bottger: That’s right. So, hopefully the information we have shared today helps you to

decide which cutter is going to be the right fit for you for what you want do with it. If you

want any more detailed information we have video showing each one of our cutters in action

on our website. You can also visit your local retailer or call our friendly customer service

team here at AccuQuilt

Lynn Gibney: So, no matter which cutter you choose, they are going to help you cut time, so

you can quilt more.


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  • Rene Pfiffner said on August 3, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    My husband just bought me the studio 2 and a couple of dies that do not fit in the tray that came with the cutter. Is the tray necessary for the studio dies or are there different size trays? Obviously more than I need but now I have it and can not use it. help please!!!

  • Janice Perry said on November 3, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    My husband just purchased for me the GO ACCU. I haven’t had much time with it but I am a quilter for many years and I believe I am going to love it. Last night I went over information etc. I am looking forward to purchasing more dies etc. soon. Thank you

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