How to Make a Churn Dash Quilt in Record Time

Lynn and Leslie show you how to make the GO! Churn Dash Baby Quilt with your GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter and the GO! Big Churn Dash-12″ Finished die, which is made exclusively to work with the GO! Big cutter. The GO! Big Churn Dash die is what we call a ‘BOB’ (Block on Board) die design, which means all the shapes you need to create the block are on one GO! die. So cutting the shapes for this quilt will be a breeze!

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Churn Dash Quilt Video Transcript:

Lynn: Hi, I am Lynn.

Leslie: And Hi, I am Leslie.

Lynn: And we are here today, we are going to show you the AccuQuilt Go! Big Churn Dash quilt die and this finishes at twelve inches.

Leslie: And it’s a new bob right.

Lynn: That’s correct. Bob is block on board so that’s means that you have every shape that you need to create an entire block in one dye. So it is really makes cutting quick and easy plus you don’t have to go find several different dynes in order get that one block.

Leslie: Because it is on a bigger board it will only work in the Go! Electric Fabric Cutter.

Lynn: In the Go! Big yes…

Leslie: Go! Big.

Lynn: That’s a great tip that we definitely want to mention. So, the pattern that comes with the Go! Big Churn Dash quilt die is behind us, and this is called the Go! Baby Churn Dash and you want to talk a little bit about the quilt, what we have done here.

Leslie: Sure, may look a little different to Churn Dash quilt Block that you may be used to, we have put it on point, and I just gave it nice little modern twist that the traditional pattern.

Lynn: Right. This pattern design comes from 1800’s, so it’s very old, but well-loved and actually very trendy right now, lot of different things you can do by fabric choice or turning it on point like this, to really take that traditional design and make it new again.

Leslie: And it’s a pretty quick and I think fine looking baby quilt, that you can make with those colors.

Lynn: All right, so let’s go ahead and show you how to cut with the die, the way this is designed is that with two layers of fabric you get an entire Churn Dash quilt block, so if you cut six layers which is what you can cut with a Go! Dye, you get three full Churn Dash quilt Blocks in just one pass.

Leslie: It is pretty amazing. [laughter]

Lynn: So, you want make sure with this that you are cutting on the length wise grain, as it goes through the cutter, one way that you can make sure, if you have your salvage edge on your fabric, that the salvage edge is facing you or your belly button, whichever way is easiest way to remember, the other way you don’t have your salvage that the, the strongest part of fabric if you just give it a tug, you can tell which way that is, that’s you want lay it, so its lying this way through the cutter. You also want to make sure that your – with your two tone foam that you are laying your fabric just over the shape that you want to cut. A couple of other tips about this, you can fan fold if you want. Or you can layer your fabrics, and if you do fan fold and you are cutting width of strips, the fabric strips, just leave about a half inch total, so that you can make sure that your shape is cut as it is going through the cutter and then your center piece, you just need one of these, with the Churn Dash, so for our demonstration here we are just going to cut with one layer there. If you are cutting six layers here you need three of these.

Okay we will cover that, and because it is electric we need to turn it on, want to make sure I do that. And then as that’s doing its magic, I could be over here setting up another dye. So, if I was cutting some biding with two and half inch strips, or something like that I could have that dye ready to go and send it through as soon as this one’s done.

Leslie: It is so fun to watch that go through. [laughter]

Lynn: Okay. So, we will slide that off, and then we have started our block here, but I am going to give you, there’s the rectangles and then the half square triangles.

Leslie: So we took the time to lay them together, right sides together, so these are just ready to pick up and start putting through the sewing machine. It is really great block, it is basically three construction parts, you have your square and center, and then other two units are half square triangle and rectangles, so four of each and one of your center and we have all our components for the block. So, I am just going to take these put them through the machines; the half square triangle also comes out so they are already notched. I have got my quarter inch mark just to go right through there, I do want to make sure when I am putting it under my machine that I get the corner of the half square triangle all the way up to the needle so that machine can grab the fabric and feed it through. Your dog ears have a little bit of a gap there, so if you give between them it won’t always grab the fabric.

Lynn: And so, with half square triangles, these are really quick and easy if you lay out your blocks ahead of time, or even if you just have a stack of them, ready to go, and right sides together, you can chain sew.

Leslie: And definitely I would just chain in to my next one. And that’s the other nice advantage of being notched its all ready to do that.

Lynn: Right so, and you can do the same thing with your rectangles as well, if you want to. So, this goes together really easily.

Leslie: And I would press to my darker color, because it would shadow through on the white, so I would press to the pink, on all of my half square triangles for this block, and then I just got to do the rectangle.

Lynn: And the pattern has all of the pressing instructions included, so that you can find the details of that there.

Leslie: It is so fun when the pieces are exactly the same size, they come out just perfect and again I would press probably to the pick there, so we don’t have shadowing through and so now that I have the rows constructed I will keep going till I get all the parts there, we are going to take this one over and we would sew it on to here and this one so we create our three rows and then without pressing, I would want to press my top and bottom row one direction and my center row opposite, so when I put the rows together, they just totally align right up here and I would put a pin there, so my intersections match up.

Lynn: Okay, and other great thing about this twelve inch finish size is that, this dye coordinates with all of our eight inch and twelve inch mix and match sets. And also, if you really want to get creative and some of the other block on board designs that finish at twelve inch, you could have little fun and mix and match this, the Churn Dash quilt design with other designs.

Leslie: So, we could create some other blocks.

Lynn: That’s right.

Leslie: With the Churn Dash, Cool!

Lynn: That right. You can find this pattern and many other quilt patterns on, get inspired on our quilt blog, as well as quilter spot light and you can upload all of your great creations that as well, which we would love to see.

Leslie: And join us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for more inspiration and ideas.

Lynn: At AccuQuilt you can cut time…

Leslie: So, you can quilt more.

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