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You Shop for Fabric Where?

My sister-in-law DeeAnn is a relatively new quilter, learning how to sew in early retirement. She is an amazing flea market/yard sale aficionado, able to plough through piles and piles for miles and miles and emerge with absolute gems that she upcycles in creative ways. One day at a yard...

Quilt Crossword 33

 You can find clues to many of the terms in our glossary at  AccuQuilt glossary. Block pictures can be found in the AccuQuilt Block Pages.    
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Holiday Wall Hanging

Hi, It’s Marjorie Busby from to tell you about a fun wall hanging that I made. First, you have to know that this was a complete experiment. And it did take three tries before it worked the way I envisioned. It’s an idea that’s been floating around in my...

Prepare a Quilt for Quilting

How Do You Prepare a Quilt for Quilting? Last time we met, my discussion of favorite tools morphed into one about preparing a quilt for quilting. We were already about halfway through the pin-basting process. (If you missed that discussion, see my October 3, 2016 blog entry.) The backing was...

Winter Blues Table Runner

Hi everyone, it is Connie from Freemotion by the River with another fast and easy tutorial for the Winter Blues Table Runner featuring the 12″ GO! Qube and also the new 12″ Companion Set. You’ll also find all kinds of quilting tutorials, quilt patterns, and other things on my blog....

How to Babysit a Grandma

One of our favorite quilters, the irreplaceable Eleanor Burns, is doing well and recovering nicely from her broken leg. She even has the greatest little helpers: her grandchildren Ellie, 9 and Jonas, 7. They got to make fun owl blocks while babysitting grandma. These two adorable kids sure look like they know their...

Caption the Quilt Meme #32

 Meme’s are perfectly serious pictures with funny captions that have taken the internet by storm.  The captions are so unexpected that they make all of us laugh and share with our friends. You can see some of our favorites above. Here’s your chance to write the captions for some of...
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Quilt Signals

Living through Hurricane Matthew dredged up a funny quilting memory long forgotten. I was trying to quilt in cloudy light once the storm passed while we waited for power to come back on. The battery-powered task light I had was OK (and better than nothing!), but it kept flickering off...

Graceful Flowers Jig Saw

  Enjoy the GO! Qube Quilt Jig Saw Puzzle and don’t forget to download the free Graceful Flowers pattern. Download a FREE copy of the GO! Qube Graceful Flowers Pattern
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