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Busby TR

Machine Embroidery Holiday Bed Runner

Hi, it’s Marjorie from blue feather quilt studio, and this month’s project is a king size bed runner inspired by the AccuQuilt Peaks and Valleys quilt pattern (made with the GO! QUBE Mix & Match 12″ Block Set) and my new Holiday Elements machine embroidery design set. Making a bed...

Caption the Meme #20

 Meme's are perfectly serious pictures with funny captions that have taken the internet by storm.  The captions are so unexpected that they make all of us laugh and share with our friends. You can see some of our favorites above.  Here's your chance to write the captions for some of...
Gina header image revised

Star Bright Table Topper

Hi, fellow GO! Getters! It’s Gina from Gem Hill Quilts. We’re currently sweating through the middle of a heat wave. So, when I started thinking about this blog post, “Christmas in July” came to mind of course! What I have to share with you here is a pretty table topper...

Color Lessons

Many years ago I was at a Sit-and-Sew group in the home of a guild member I barely knew. I’ll call her Patsy.  After everyone was settled in she brought her very young son out to meet us, clearly using the occasion to teach him about manners and being polite....

A Fabulous Quilt Studio

Hi everyone, this is Connie from Freemotion by the River and I would like to take you on a tour of my quilt studio. I have actually been in it since January, but it is still new to me. Each and every day when I open the door to my...
Needlepoint Shanghai revised2

Big Museum of Shanghai

Big Museum of Shanghai is the third installment of a four-part series on my trip to China. Here are links to the first two pieces: A Quilter’s Trip to China Part 1 and Shanghai Quilters, The Common Thread Part 2. When I travel I love to visit local museums, so I...

The Naughtiest Dog

I am new to quilting and have just started my first project using my Accuquilt GO! and Snowball die. All was progressing very well, me congratulating myself that even though I have been quite ambitious starting with a curved die, the project was going together well. That was until disaster...
lessons with eleanor

Lessons with Eleanor Burns – GO! Eagle

Eleanor Burns is back again with tips about her own incredible and fun die design: GO! Eagle by Eleanor Burns. Eleanor loves this design so much, because it’s so patriotic. And since Eleanor was born on July 3, she likes to think of 4th of July as a celebration for herself,...
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