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How to Make a Real Barn Quilt

In 2007 I was lucky to be part of the fledgling Washington County, Iowa, barn quilt effort. Following what other communities had done since the first barn quilts were created in 2001 in Ohio (, about a dozen citizens gathered to discuss how to decorate the many barns in this...

Getting Started with GO!

It is really simple to get started with the GO! cutting system, and you will become a professional in no time! Before you know it, you’ll be introducing the product to your friends and family and sharing the tips you’ve learned on your GO! journey thus far. To get started, you...
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The Too Big Quilt

When my husband was in Vietnam and I was expecting our first child I decided to make a quilt.  As I got bigger and bigger, my quilt got bigger and bigger.  It got so big that it was bigger than any bed. After he arrived home we had to move and...
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Stretchy Taffy Skinny Runner

Hi, fellow GO! Getters! It’s Gina from Gem Hill Quilts. Something funny happened on the way to this blog post. First, let me ask you: Have you ever made a quilt that didn’t turn out the way you expected? You start out with such beautiful fabrics that just falls a...

Caption the Meme #29

 Meme's are perfectly serious pictures with funny captions that have taken the internet by storm.  The captions are so unexpected that they make all of us laugh and share with our friends. You can see some of our favorites above.  Here's your chance to write the captions for some of...

On the Quilt Trail with Greg

So what does the president of AccuQuilt (Greg Gaggini) do when he goes on vacation in the northern wilds of Wisconsin? He does what any quilter does. He looks for the nearest quilt shop. Greg tracked down a brand new store on this trip and couldn’t wait to share the...
Busby Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves Machine Embroidery Table Topper

In North Carolina the days are not cooler yet in mid-September, but with football season in full swing and shorter days, we’re all thinking of cooler weather and dressing up our homes for fall. Are you in the mood for cooler weather? I’m Marjorie Busby from here to share a machine embroidery...

Getting to Know Designer Gina Gempesaw

While combing through issues of Quilter’s World magazine and books from Annie's Publishing and Leisure Arts, you may have stumbled upon designs from our guest blogger and pattern designer Gina Gempesaw of Gem Hill Quilts. Like many quilters, Gina learned to sew as a child and has been sewing ever...
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Scrap Etiquette

Maybe it’s because I’m a Type A to start with. Maybe it’s because my grandmothers fussed at me if I left stray threads behind after embroidery lessons with them on the sofa. Or maybe it’s because where I learned to quilt, we had to clean the facility every time we...
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