Get the Most Out of Your Cutting Mats!

To get started die cutting with AccuQuilt, you need a fabric cutter, dies, and cutting mats. The fabric cutter and dies are designed to last, but the cutting mats need to be replaced over time. How can you get the most out of your cutting mat? Read on for helpful tips to make your cutting mat last as long as possible!

When you open up a brand new mat, it looks perfect, like the mat on the left below. As you use the cutting mat, the blades from the die cut into the surface and leave marks. This is totally normal! A slightly used mat looks like the mat in the middle below, and a mat that should probably be replaced looks like the mat on the right.

GO! Cutting Mats

To extend the life of your mat, there are a few tips and tricks. First, if you are cutting with a die that has multiple shapes, only cover the shapes that you are cutting with the cutting mat. You can use a smaller cutting mat to only cover the shapes that you need.

GO! Cutting Mats

Below the 6″ x 6″ cutting mat is the perfect size to only cover the two smallest size circles on the GO! Circles die.

GO! Cutting Mats

Roll the die through the cutter. As you push the uncovered section of die under the rollers, you can feel that the die doesn’t catch on the roller until the mat section goes under the roller.

GO! Cutting Mats

Slide the cutting mat off the die to reveal perfect circles!

GO! Cutting Mats

Another important tip is to always rotate and flip your mat during use so that the die blades are cutting into a different part of the mat with each cut. Notice in the image below that there is a GO! label printed on each side of the mat. Watch to make sure you are seeing the label facing up on opposite sides each time you cut – that means you remembered to flip the mat!

GO! Cutting Mats

After the first cut, flip the mat so the label is on the opposite side.

GO! Cutting Mats

Use your mats on a variety of different dies – the blades are placed differently on each shape, so by rotating your mat between dies, you take advantage of the entire surface area of the cutting mat. Here’s an example of a mat that has been used on a variety of shapes since you can see cut marks across the surface of the die.

GO! Cutting Mats

If you are making a rag quilt with any of the GO! Rag dies, your cutting mat is going to get a work out! The GO! Rag dies are designed with lots of blades to easily cut the fringed edge. Take extra care to flip and rotate your cutting mat with rag dies!

GO! Cutting MatsIf your cutting mats are looking like the one below…

GO! Cutting Mats

It is time to get a new one! Right now, buy a GO! die and get 50% off the matching cutting mat. Shop now! 


Meet BOB

Who’s BOB? BOB stands for Block on Board. BOB die designs enable you to create an entire block with just one die. That’s right, every shape that you need for the block is in one place!


BOB die designs are designed to make cutting even easier for quilters. You’ll make quilts with SPEED since you can cut an entire block in just one pass.

GO! Vibrant Ohio Star

BOB die designs are a great VALUE because you don’t have to buy multiple dies to cut out a block.

GO! Hummingbird Quilt

And at the end of the day, BOB die designs let you quilt with EASE.


Browse all the BOB die designs and plan your next project! With 21 different BOB die designs to pick from, your next project will be a breeze…

Call for Quilts!

AccuQuilt has teamed up with the Omaha Modern Quilt Guild and Quilts of Compassion to make and collect quilts for victims of the recent tornados in Pilger and Beaver Crossing, Nebraska. Members of the Omaha Modern Quilt Guild have been hard at work in the AccuQuilt Dream Studio making a variety of quilts for those in need.


476A3857 476A3861 476A3862 476A3886 476A3895 476A3902 476A3905

If you have quilts that you’d like to donate to this worthy cause, please send them to address below before August 12th.

Quilts for Compassion
c/o AccuQuilt
8843 S. 137th Circle
Omaha, NE 68144

The quilts will be delivered to communities in need on August 16th and 17th.

Studio Fabric Cutter

Curious about the Studio Fabric Cutter? Watch the video below to see Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson share why they love the Studio!

The Studio cuts up to ten layers of quilting cotton at once! Imagine how quickly you can cut the shapes for your next quilt…

The Studio is on sale now for just $395 and all Studio dies are 40% off! Now’s the time for you to join the Studio family!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.54.59 AM

Die Spotlight: GO! Cupcake

Looking for the perfect GO! die for any celebration? The GO! Cupcake die is a great addition to any party. Download the GO! Birthday Treats Table Runner Pattern for free for a limited time!

GO! Birthday Treats Table RunnerButton-DownloadPattern-GreenFollow along below to see how easy it is to cut with the GO! Cupcake die. Layer your festive fabric – with fusible applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions – over the cupcake pieces. There are even two different icing options!

GO! Cupcake

Cover the die with the cutting mat and roll through the cutter.

GO! Cupcake

Slide the mat off the die to reveal your perfectly cut GO! Cupcakes!

GO! Cupcake

Place the cupcakes on the background fabric.

GO! Cupcake
GO! Cupcake

Iron the cupcakes down to secure them before you stitch them down by machine.

GO! Cupcake Use the GO! Alphabet die to add a message that fits your celebration!

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging Pattern

Looking for a fun, fast project? The GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging (or table topper!) is the perfect project to showcase your piecing. While this project looks complex – are those Y-seams? – it is actually a breeze. Download the pattern for a limited time for FREE!



Follow along to see how easy it is to cut and sew this pattern. First, grab the GO! Hexagon – 2″, 3″, and 5″ die. Layer your fabric over the largest hexagon.

GO! Hexagons

Place the cutting mat over the die. Notice we are using the 6″ x 6″ mat? Since we are just cutting the one shape, you can conserve the life of your mat by only covering the blades that you are using!

GO! Hexagons

Roll the die through the cutter and then slide the mat off the die.

GO! Hexagons


GO! Hexagons

Next, grab the GO! Equilateral Triangles Die. Cover the largest equilateral triangles with your fabric.

GO! Equilateral Triangles

Cover the shapes you are cutting with the cutting mat.

GO! Equilateral Triangles

Roll the die through the cutter.

GO! Equilateral Triangles

Slide the cutting mat off the die to reveal…

GO! Equilateral Triangles

Equilateral triangles!

GO! Equilateral Triangles

At the sewing machine, piece one equilateral triangle to one of the hexagon sides.

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging

Continue by piecing another equilateral triangle to the opposite side of the hexagon.

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging Press your block to look like the one below.

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging

Make three more units – see them forming a row?

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging

Back at the sewing machine, sew the units together to form a row.

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging

Voila! A row of hexagons and equilateral triangles with no y-seams!

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging

Continue piecing rows and sew them together to make a cute wall hanging like this one!

GO! Triangle-Hexagons Wall Hanging

GO! Spot GO! Quilt

Are you a dog person? GO! Spot GO! is the perfect quilt for any dog lover. Download this fun patten for free for a limited time!



Follow along to see how to cut and sew the GO! Gingham Dog. Grab your GO! Gingham Dog die and your fabric cutter. You can use the GO! fabric cutter, GO! Baby fabric cutter, or Studio (with the GO! Die Adaptor)!


Apply fusible to your fabric of choice following the manufacturer’s instructions. You can cut up to four layers of quilting cotton with fusible because each layer of fusible counts as a half layer!


Place the cutting mat on top of the die and roll through the cutter.


Slide the cutting mat off the die.


And there’s an adorable pup to add to your quilt!


Place your dog on the background fabric and iron down to hold the dog in place.


Use your preferred machine applique technique to secure the dog to the background fabric.

476A3768Download GO! Spot GO! for the piecing instructions for this fun quilt.


Die Spotlight: GO! Awareness Ribbon

Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart? Use the GO! Awareness Ribbon die in the color that represents your cause in your next quilt.



Start with the GO! Awareness Ribbon die and any of the three AccuQuilt fabric cutters – GO! Baby, GO!, or Studio (with the GO! Die Adaptor).


Lay fabric with fusible over the shape. When cutting with fusible, remember that each layer of fusible counts as a half layer.


Place the cutting mat on top and roll through the cutter.

476A0251 476A0252 Slide the mat off the die to reveal your perfectly cut GO! Awareness Ribbons.

476A0254 476A0255 Secure the GO! Awareness Ribbon to your background fabric by ironing it down.

476A0263 476A0264

Stitch the shape down using your machine applique method of choice!

Watch the video below to see Erica and Lynn work on the GO! Pink Awareness Ribbon Quilt.

Die Spotlight: GO! Double Wedding Ring

The Double Wedding Ring is a classic quilt block – and one you can cut with ease with the GO! Double Wedding Ring die. Keep reading to learn how to cut and sew this fun block.

GO! Double Wedding Ring


The GO! Double Wedding Ring is a two die set. Start by labeling your shapes like we did below.


476A3489 476A3490

Pick a variety of fabrics to cover the small pieces and the C shape. Since we are piecing the arcs, we won’t need the F shape, however cut one to use for a tip later on…

Place the mat over the die and roll through the cutter.


Place fabric over the A shape.


Place the mat on top of the die and roll through the cutter.


Slide the mat off the die to reveal your GO! Double Wedding Ring center!

476A3487Now for the piecing! Lay out your pieces for the first arc. Use D shapes for the three middle pieces and E shapes for each of the end pieces.


Using an accurate 1/4″ seam, sew each of the pieces together as shown below.



476A3505 476A3509

Press all seams in one direction. It does not matter which direction, but be consistent! Sew two units like this.

476A3513 476A3518

TIP: While we aren’t using the F shape from the die board because we are piecing the arcs, you can use it to make sure your seam allowance is correct. Lay your pieced arc over the F shape to make sure they are the same size. If not, adjust your seam allowance.

Next, grab two B shapes. Mark 1/4″ points at each corner of the B shape. Pin the B Shapes to each side of one of the arcs you just pieced.


Start and stop stitching at the 1/4″ markings.

476A3530 476A3532 476A3535 476A3539 Press the seams toward the squares.


Mark 1/4″ points on the C shape.


Pin the C shape to the pieced arc without the B squares attached. Match the 1/4″ points and notches. Be sure to stop and start sewing at the 1/4″ points.

476A3561 476A3572 476A3573


Press seam towards the C shape.


Pin and sew one combined arc with corner squares to combined arc with shape C.



476A3599 476A3601476A3609Start and stop stitching at 1/4″ points of square B.




476A3619 Press seams towards shape C.

476A3627 476A3672

Mark 1/4″ points on the tips of shape A.


Pin and sew one combined arc unit to one shape A matching notches and 1/4″ points.





476A3644 476A3652 476A3664


Download the pattern for free for a limited time for instructions to sew the rest of the arcs!