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How It Works

1 Place fabric.

2 Turn handle. 

3 Done!

What Our Users Say


Just had to have this as an accessory to my Go! Cutter

“I would highly recommend if you would like to try the AccuQuilt system or if you just want an extra cutter to have on hand for travel. Love the compact size and was surprised to see that it works with so many of the dies I own.”



Sew Handy!

“This is a great cutter to take to work with me. I can cut hundreds of shapes on my lunch hour and get a head start on my evening sewing. Great companion for my Go! Big.”



Easy To Carry

“Lightweight and easy for quilters in their 80's, like me, to handle and carry to group sewing!”



Sew Easy.

“I have always had problems with accurate cuts but not anymore. This makes it fun and easy to get perfect cuts.”


See It In Action

Included in the Starter Set

GO! Me Fabric Cutter 
The main attraction. 

GO! Cutting Mat-6" × 6" 
Specially-formulated cutting mats allow the precision system to cut efficiently.

GO! Half and Quarter Square Triangle-3" Finished Square Dies
Cut up to 6 layers of fabric with dies designed for endless project possibilities.

Pattern Book 
This little book features 5 easy patterns for all skill levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting System?

AccuQuilt® is a fabric die-cutting system designed to make quilting easier and more enjoyable by providing a safe and efficient way to cut perfect pieces every time!

How Does The AccuQuilt® Fabric Cutting System Work?

There are three main components to the AccuQuilt® system: the die, corresponding die cutting mat and a fabric cutter. Each die has very sharp steel blades that form the cut shapes. The blades are surrounded by foam, allowing you to run your hand over the die without being hurt. To cut fabric, lay fabric on top of the die, foam side up, then lay a mat on top of the fabric, before putting it through the cutter. The fabric cutter compresses the foam, forcing the blades to cut through the fabric and into the mat. Simply slide the cutting mat off the die to reveal perfectly cut fabric shapes. There are no programming or complicated systems to learn!

What Brands Of Fabric Cutters Does AccuQuilt Have?

AccuQuilt has two lines of fabric cutters, starting with the GO!® family. This line of fabric cutters includes the original GO!® fabric cutter along with the GO! Me® and the GO! Big®. The GO! and GO! Me are manual cutters which require turning a handle to produce perfectly cut fabric shapes. With their portable design, you can take them with you wherever you want to quilt. The GO! Big is our electric cutter that is fully automatic and works at the push of a button, perfect for everyone but especially for arthritis sufferers.

There’s also the Studio 2™ Fabric Cutter, which is the largest cutter on the market with a 16” cutting width, making it compatible with over 700 Studio™ and GO!® dies.

Why Would Someone Use An AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting System? What Are The Benefits?

The number one thing most quilters want is more time to sew and finish projects. Using an AccuQuilt GO! fabric cutter is 90% faster than rotary cutting with the GO! line’s ability to cut up to 6 layers of cotton fabric at one time. The Studio 2™ Fabric Cutter can cut up to 10 layers of cotton fabric in one pass through the cutter.

Because your die does the intensive and precise work of cutting, your cuts will be accurate every time. Using the GO! system is great for anyone who has issues with pain associated with traditional cutting methods as it reduces strain and lowers the risk of injury.

As for the system’s efficiency and ease of use, GO! dies have a ¼” seam allowance for piecing built in and dog-eared corners to save trimming time. With accurate cuts every time, you’ll save fabric by eliminating the need to re-cut your pieces.

For appliqué fans, the GO! system is also a must! Perfectly pre-cut shapes make any method of appliqué a breeze, and machine embroidery is more accessible than ever with free embroidery downloads for all non-designer shapes.

Does An AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter Actually Reduce Fabric Waste?

Yes! Once you become familiar with using an AccuQuilt GO! or Studio fabric cutting system, you'll be left with only thin slivers or small chunks of fabric, especially with our Cut and Shift™ and Cut & Flip™ methods. Learn More: “Reduce Fabric Waste by Using the Cut and Shift™ Method

How Do I Know Which Fabric Cutter Would Best Fit My Needs?

Be sure to check out our cutter comparison page to identify which cutter is best for you!

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