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Introducing the GO! Big® Die Catcher

Exclusive accessory tray for GO! Big Cutter

Smoothly catches GO! dies from GO! Big Cutter.
Works with all GO! Die sizes. Coming Later This Year!

GO! Big Cutter not included. GO! Dies not included. 

Introductory Price Offer! 
Save 10% on GO! Big Die Catcher
when you preorder multiples of 6.

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This item will not be available for purchase on the wholesale or consumer websites until later this summer. Don’t miss this opportunity for a great price on this upcoming product!

$144.99 MSRP      $124.99 MAP      $58 Wholesale

Preorder multiples of 6 for $313.20
($52.20 each)

Valid through May 31, 2024

Say goodbye to catching dies by hand!

Exclusively designed for the GO! Big® Electric Fabric Cutter, the GO! Big® Die Catcher smoothly catches and supports all GO! die sizes as they exit the cutter. Its sleek design complements the cutter, providing a perfect storage spot for the cutter's power adaptor during operation.

Moreover, it offers ample space to house both the power adapter and cord when the cutter is not in use. This stable platform is a must-have for every GO! Big user, elevating their cutting experience to the next level. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting System?

AccuQuilt® is a fabric die-cutting system designed to make quilting easier and more enjoyable by providing a safe and efficient way to cut perfect pieces every time!

How Does The AccuQuilt® Fabric Cutting System Work?

There are three main components to the AccuQuilt® system: the die, corresponding die cutting mat and a fabric cutter. Each die has very sharp steel blades that form the cut shapes. The blades are surrounded by foam, allowing you to run your hand over the die without being hurt. To cut fabric, lay fabric on top of the die, foam side up, then lay a mat on top of the fabric, before putting it through the cutter. The fabric cutter compresses the foam, forcing the blades to cut through the fabric and into the mat. Simply slide the cutting mat off the die to reveal perfectly cut fabric shapes. There are no programming or complicated systems to learn!