Fabric Cutters Starting Under $100 + Risk-Free Guarantee

Trade Up & GO! Fabric Cutter Upgrade Program

How Does It Work?

Trade in your GO! Me or GO! fabric cutting machine to get a great deal on a new fabric cutter!

Step 1
Select your trade-in fabric cutter model and credit method and purchase a Fabric Cutter Trade Up Set.

Step 2
Use the shipping label included with your new fabric cutter to send us the trade-in fabric cutter. Please follow all instructions provided in your confirmation email. 

Step 3
Get your trade-in credit once we receive and validate the trade-in fabric cutter.

How Much Can I Get Back?

Your trade-in credit is based on which fabric cutter you trade in and which one you purchase. Get even more value when you choose rewards points!

Trade-In Option Refund  Reward Points

GO! Me for GO! 

$130 $156
GO! Me for GO! Big $130 $156
GO! for GO! Big $230 $276

Trade Up & GO! Today!

GO! Fabric Cutter

Trade your qualifying cutter to upgrade to GO! today. 

Up to a $156 credit!

GO! Big® Electric Fabric Cutter

Trade your qualifying cutter to upgrade to GO! Big today. 

Up to a $276 credit!


To receive credit, trade-in fabric cutter must be shipped using the provided return label within 14 days of customer receiving their new fabric cutter. Not following instructions  provided in your confirmation email may significantly delay the processing of your refund credit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Trade Up & GO! upgraded fabric cutter sets different from the regular ones?

A: The contents of the trade up set are the same as a traditional fabric cutter set. The sets were created so we can process your trade in and rebate credit, but they contain everything a brand new set would otherwise.

Q: Can I trade in my fabric cutter from my Ready. Set. GO!® Ultimate Fabric Cutting System or another GO! Me or GO! Starter pack?  

A: Yes, you can trade in any GO! Me or GO! Fabric Cutter. Keep your dies and accessories to continue enjoying with your new machine.

Q: Why can’t I trade in my current fabric cutter for a new one of the same model?

A: This program is only for customers who want to trade up for an upgraded fabric cutter. The trade in options listed are the only ones available at this time.

Q: Can I trade in anything besides a GO! Me or GO! Fabric Cutter?

A: No. These are the only items eligible for trade-ins.

Q: Can I trade in a machine without purchasing an upgraded cutter?

A: No. You must trade in for an upgraded machine to receive credit as part of this program.  

Q: Why can’t I get my discount when I purchase my cutter upgrade instead of as a trade-in rebate?

A: We need to confirm that your old cutter is received and verified by our trade in team before issuing your refund credit.

Q: I live in Alaska, Hawaii, or somewhere else outside of the contiguous U.S. Can I participate?

A: No. This program is only available for customers in the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

Q: Do I have to send in everything that came with my used set when I purchased it?

A: No, just send us the fabric cutting machine unit if you are trading up. You can keep everything else for future projects.

Q: Can I send my old machine back in my own packaging?

A: Yes, if you securely pack your used cutter, use the provided return label and write your order number on the box, you can use your own packaging for your trade in.

Q: What happens if I don’t send back my old machine in time?

A: You can keep both fabric cutters and will not receive your refund credit.

Q: Can I trade up and get a discount at my local retailer?

A: Yes, participating retailers will honor trade up discounts if you trade in your fabric cutter at the store. Simply bring your qualifying cutter with you, and you will get the discounted price at the time of purchase.

Q: I purchased a traditional (non-trade up) fabric cutter set on the website but want to trade in my old cutter for credit. What should I do?  

A: Depending on which fabric cutter you purchased and which fabric cutter you want to trade in, our customer experience team may be able to assist. Please contact our customer experience team for more details.

Program Details

1.     Specific automated confirmation email for trade up SKU – can workshop this

Ideally triggered whenever someone buys a trade up SKU. 


Hi quilter,

Your trade up order has been received and your new fabric cutter will be on its way shortly. Important information regarding your trade in credit is below.

You have 14 days to send your trade in following the arrival of your new upgraded fabric cutter. Failing to send your trade in within that timeframe will result in the forfeiture of your rebate credit.

Please note that to receive your trade-in refund credit (partial refund to original payment method or AccuQuilt Rewards Points) that you selected at the time of your trade in, it is important you follow the steps below.

  1. You will receive the upgraded fabric cutter that you selected, along with a pre-paid return label in the box.
  2. Securely pack your existing fabric cutting machine either in the box you received your new fabric cutter in or other sturdy packaging. Attach the pre-paid return label to the outside of the box.
  3. Drop off or schedule delivery within 14 days of receiving your new fabric cutter.

Best regards,
The AccuQuilt Team