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10x Faster Than Rotary Cutting • Accurately Cut up to 6 Layers of Fabric at a Time • Reduce Fabric Waste • Minimize Hand, Arm and Back Strain

With over 200 piecing and appliqué shapes, a GO! Fabric Cutter is a great value and gives you the confidence to make projects you never would otherwise have attempted. Start seeing your project come together faster with a GO! Fabric Cutter.

GO! Me Fabric CutterGO! Me Fabric Cutter
GO! Fabric CutterGO! Fabric Cutter
GO! Big Fabric CutterGO! Big Fabric Cutter
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See How It Works

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 – Place
Layer fabric on die (foam side up) and cover with cutting mat.

Step 2 – Turn
Push die, fabric and mat firmly against roller. Roll through cutter.

Step 3 – Done
Remove mat and perfectly cut shapes! Repeat process.

How GO! Makes Quilting Easier

Two-Tone Foam
Makes it quick and easy to align fabric over shapes so you can save fabric. 

1/4" Seam Allowance
Always included in geometric shapes. 

Dog-Eared Corners
No need to manually clip dog-eared corners. 

Line up the notches for easy piecing of curved shapes. 

What Quilters are Saying

“This is fun and easy to use. Not a lot of wasted fabric!”

“Since I have severe arthritis in my hands, I can’t use a rotary cutter anymore. But I can still get my quilts cut with the Go Big. Love It!”

“This is the best investment I have made in the tools I have bought to make quilting enjoyable.”

“So much faster than rotary cutting. Easier and more accurate, too!”

Why Quilters Love the GO! System