Fabric Cutter Sales Starting Under $90!

Why Become a GO! Guru?

  • Exclusive Benefits: Early access to new AccuQuilt products, special discounts and promotional items.
  • Community Leadership: Host workshops, lead quilting circles and represent AccuQuilt at local and regional events.
  • AccuQuilt Training: Extensive AccuQuilt & June Tailor training to prepare you for your workshops and classes.
  • Sales Commissions: Earn cash while sharing your love of quilting with your community! Discussed further upon application acceptance.

What Does It Take?

  • A Passion for Quilting: Share your love and knowledge of quilting with AccuQuilt and June Tailor products.
  • Community Engagement: Lead by example, create a positive environment in quilting groups, shops, guilds and social media.
  • Creative Collaboration: Work with AccuQuilt to showcase new quilting products and techniques.
  • Ambassador Commitment: Dedicate time to creating content, hosting events and participating in training and meetings.
  • U.S. Residency: You must be a U.S. resident to participate.