It’s our 10-year anniversary and we’re launching the GO! Qube Mix & Match 10" Block, GO! Qube 10" Companion Set-Corners and GO! Qube 10" Companion Set-Angles. 

QUBE group

10" Mix & Match Block Set


GO! Qube Companion Set–Corners


GO! Qube Companion Set–Angles


Each of these 10" die sets includes FREE downloadable patterns valued up to $25! All of these new 10" dies are compatible with GO! or GO! Big fabric cutters. Shapes are precut-friendly plus include seam allowance and dog-eared corners for easy alignment and piecing. Each die bundle includes free downloads, a self-contained storage system, and a getting started DVD.

diamond star

GO! Qube 10" Diamond Star Quilt

cutting edge

GO! Qube 10" Cutting Edge Quilt

Storm at Sea

GO! Qube 10" Storm at Sea Quilt