Scrappy Bowl Cozy Project Tutorial

Hi I’m Tina and I wanted to share some great ways to bust your scraps, both batting and fabric scraps alike! If you are anything like me you have a pile (or many piles) of scrap fabric laying around. While some of it is big enough to be repurposed some of it needs to be sewn together and used for something useful like a bowl cozy! Most people cut single pieces of continuous fabric with their AccuQuilt fabric cutters, but you can cut pieces too! 

Batting scraps are another thing that plague my space, but they can be used for this project as well! A win-win-win! Bonus points if it’s trimmings from a quilt back that already has a fabric attached!

If you have the GO Big! Electric Fabric Cutter, you can use the large GO! Big Bowl Cozy Die. Otherwise you can try the small version GO! Small Bowl Cozy Die with the GO! Fabric Cutter.

First you want to piece together a few scrappy squares. For one side you'll need about a 9 1/2” square for the Small Bowl Cozy or a 10 1/2” square for the Big Bowl Cozy. I do like to use a full piece for the one side but you can go all the way scrappy to use up even more more scraps! 

Bonus points if you’ve cut your scraps down with your GO! Square-2 1/2" (2" Finished) Die!

One of the things I LOVE about this cutter is you can cut the pieced fabric and the batting scrap at the same time! It sticks together and makes the rest of the piecing project a breeze! Make sure your scraps are all cotton and you do any piecing with cotton thread. This is important if you microwave your bowl cozy, you don’t want anything to melt. 

I start the process by placing my block right side down on the die. I have less coverage on the pieced scrapping than I do on the batting so I prefer this method. Then I put my batting on top and run it through the machine.

These are scrappy, but what if you have leftover blocks from a quilt top sitting in an “Orphan Block” box- these are perfect for that scrappy look too! How beautiful is that! I love to not waste anything at all! 

Next, using the free pattern that accompanies these dies, you can construct the finished product. Start by adding quilting lines, second sewing the pleats, then attaching the layers together turning and top stitching! 

Imagine receiving this after a beautiful quilt, or keeping it for yourself as a memory of the quilts, bags, and clothes you’ve made!