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Secrets to Block Building Success – Part 3

Hello, I’m David Mills, project engineer at AccuQuilt. In my previous blogs part one and two, I talked about our Mix and Match Qube™ Set, then the Mix and Match Qube™ Companion Set – Angles and the Mix and Match Qube™ Companion Set – Corners.  Now that you know about...

On a Scale of 1 to 10, These New Dies are a 10

AccuQuilt Announces GO! Qube Mix & Match 10″ Block and Companion Sets  Since we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary, we thought we’d GO! all out and present the GO! Qube™ Mix & Match 10″ Block plus two companion sets. With the addition of this convenient 10″ size, GO! Qube Sets now come in...

GO! Bowties-4” Finished is a Quilter’s Bonanza

By Alex Anderson The world of quilting is taking some amazing an unexpected turns nowadays. The modern quilters are stretching the boundaries of what a quilt looks like, but at the core, many of them are taking a traditional block, simplifying it, and giving it a completely new look. What...
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